bitDEPTH Media provides professional CTO services and software development to businesses and entrepreneurs. Operating the technical part of the business, we assist companies to achieve their technical goals without needing to build an in-house department. For businesses that are ready to build, expand or revamp their current development team, we help formulate processes and solutions for building and managing their tech team.

ROLE: Senior Consultant/President
SITE: INR Consulting
INR Consulting, LLC is a business consulting firm formed to help new and existing businesses set-up and establish sensible business structures and practices from business plans and operating agreements to establishing and working with a companies professional team of accountants, attorneys, and consultants to ensure the goals of the company’s business practices are aligned with its day to day operations and marketing strategies.

ROLE: VP of Operations
SITE: International American Business Training & Testing
IABTT is an American based, professional skill training and testing institute, working globally to train and enrich the skills of international workers and students in areas such as Management & Quality Standards, Marketing, and Computer Programing.