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me 4Natively from Syracuse, NY, Nate Talbot has helped build the largest independent graphic design firm in the Metro Detroit area, co-created a top rated, nationally syndicated show, airing on networks like the WB, UPN, Colours TV, and UATV, worked in the music business as a producer, sound engineer, and consultant- working with artists signed to major labels as well as  independents, helping develop situations with major labels and sell tens of thousands of records independently. He has also worked on nationally distrubted films as a production manager/post-production supervisor/editor/ consultant, and much more.

In addition to my work in the entertainment industry, I've also worked as a business consultant for local and international clients, developing marketing/branding strategies, intellectual property acqusitions, business entity strategies, and contract/negotiation advisor.

I am available for freelance work with anyone interested, so take a look at the different sections of the site, follow the links to my portfolios in different specialties, and then contact me, to see how I may be able to help bring your project or business to the next level.

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From personal blogs and content management systems to business sites with complex commerce systems, I can design a site that fits your needs and your budget. Contact me now for a free no commitment consultation, and allow me to help you build the online presence you need.


Jaemon Video has been working in cutting edge Film/Video Production since 2001. From commercials and documentaries, to music videos and special effects, Jaemon Video will Add Dimension to your projects.


With 2 decades of experience in business management, I not only share my knowledge of the business behind your business, but teach You everything you need to know and help keep you focused where it should be.
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A sample of my most recent projects.


Visit JaemonVideo.com to view more samples.

A sample of our famous Flyer2HD service, converting your promotional flyers into full High Definition, broadcast quality, 720p videos. Perfect for internet promotions and television spots!



You’re skilled in your industry. You know how to build relationships. You’ve taken the time to research your vendors, customer base, competition, and marketing strategies. But there’s more. There’s an entire business behind your business. Are you sure all your bases are covered?



You may be in retail, design, manufacturing, sales, accounting, etc…and that’s where you’re expertise lies. But what about Contracts, Business Structures, Liabilities,  and Balance Sheets? Federal, State, and local ordinances? Trademarks, copyrights, and patents?

This is what INR Consulting does. We work with you, and your professional team (lawyer, accountant, etc…), to develop the best business protocols for your company.


Don’t have a professional team yet?  Can’t afford one? Again, that’s what we’re here for. We help you determine who you need on your team and when, so you don’t waste any money paying for services you don’t yet need. Our only job is to focus on the details of the business behind your business, so you can focus on your products, services, and customers. After all, that’s why you started a business, right!?!?


I'm ready to work with you! Contact me for more information, price quotes, or just to comment...